Art Scene (free hopefully)

Hi!! I’m in the process of creating my 2nd episode story that I hoping will be done by August. I am in search of someone who can make some art scenes for me. I would like if someone could do it for free, but if someone does charge hopefully it’s not too much. My story is in LL (limelight). I would also like to see any work that you have done so I can make my decision. You either comment below or DM on IG: @jdsepisodewriter. Also I prefer the art scenes to be edited.

probably I’m not the one you are searching since my arts are nor free nor edited but I still want to show you my works in case you change your idea

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Hi everyone! A few days ago I made a post in search of someone who can do some art scenes for my 2nd story. I’m still looking for someone who does it. I prefer someone does it for free. I’m kinda on a tight budget. I will 1000% give credit in the story as well as on my IG: jdsepisodewriter As mentioned in my last post, I’m trying to have this story first few chapters out by this Aug.
Also please tag if you know anyone including their past art work or DM here or on IG

Some more context I left out in my last post:
The number of art scenes I want done is 15. I know it’s a lot, but I’m very detailed and I have them pictured in my head.
I can also send screenshot the scenes that I would want made into an art scene as well as any other information.

The summary of my story:
She was born with unique eyes, but other people around have mixed views about it. Will she find a place in this world with her unique eyes?

I think finding someone who is willing to do edited ones for free would be better since you can’t pay, and drawing takes time, especially 15.

Do you know of someone who can do edited?

I was going to recommend someone but their shop is currently closed, but here’s another thread you can try requesting from, they do drawn art scenes and they’re really good! I don’t think they’ll accept all the 15, but you can message them to ask . here is the link