Art scene need asap


I need an art scene asap I want to start my third chaoter so I can publish vut I need an art scene. The person I was gonna have do it never responded to me but has been online… If you can do it let me know I’ll send the deets




The person who was online and hasn’t repsonded to you yet was probably working on your art scene, can’t rush. art take time to do but ok.


Aww, thank you for recommending me so many times, Lana!


my pleasure!


If you can do my art scene can I see some examples? :grin:


I know Lana recommended me and all, but I’m actually temporarily closing my requests to catch up… sorry, Teah!


Thats okay!!! :grin:


I’m so sorry! I just feel too pressured with all my requests, so I want to close down and do art I want to do for now. I wish you the best of luck finding someone though!


Its fine!!! Thank you!!! :heart::heart: