Art scene needed, can anyone help?

After one of the artist who use to do my art can help me this time, i will try here again. I hope someone can and will help me out.

From the Art Catalog or if you have any background there will fit in.

character details:
The girl:
Skintone: Umber
Brows: Thick Flat
Hair: black, Fishtail Braid
Eyes: brown, Round Bold
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Dark, Classic


The boy:
Skintone: Honey
Brows:Bushy wide
Hair: Black, Boy Bun
Eyes: purple, Classic Round
Face; Chiseled Square
Nose: Button
Lips: Mocha, Small Round



I would like if the poses could be something like this, but where the girl is asleep and could look sad and the bot is just looking sad

I will give you credit on my Instagram and in my story. And if you want you can also be a character in one of my stories :pray:

Are where to go in times of art needs
They always do requests on time

If needed you can go here