Art scene needed for an upcoming story


I have currently been working on a story call Starring Myself

The story is about an young actress who has a dream of creating an movie based on her life and everything she has been through. Her family is really rich but the dream is harder an it looks. Ashlynn (the actress) has a best friend called Lucas who is also an actor, as the story goes on they start to fall in love but as Ashlynn met a cute Director who is a lot older everything starts to change along with the chance of dream coming true.

I want to include a few art scenes in the story but currently I just really need one of them so…
Can someone help me make a special art scene and maybe more later on?
information for the art scene:

Pose info

I wanted to have a scene where the two main characters are have a a great time and the male character wraps his arms around the female and the female holds the male’s arm slightly. the pose is kinda like the picture below

Characters info

I’ll give the episode version but I’m hoping it could be drawn
(click on the pictures to view the actual pictures)


skin: rose 01
hair: long feathered (blonde medium)
Brow: Arched Thick Styled (medium warm brown)
eyes: deep-set down-turned (blue aqua)
face shape: Diamond long
nose: round button upturned
mouth: small heart (rose gloss)


skin: rose 03
hair: short messy curl (medium brown warm)
Brow: straight medium (chestnut brown)
eyes: deep-set down-turned (hazel)
face shape: Diamond soft
nose: button wide
mouth: medium straight (fair rose matte)



@epy.raven is amazing! I think they can do it for you, they can practically do anything!


Episode Creativity can do it for you! To see examples and request go here here.


I can try
this is an example of what i can do


If you still need help the I can help you!


Here are some examples.


Aww thx you too gurl


Here are some of my group examples and mine

08E13BB1-4DC6-4491-998F-AD999BA40DFA 7fd6db0f5dffa14ca8c31bee6fc9fdfdda28c3a6_1_563x500 064e44d6cdaa15a18794f230a4bffe7ff3934fe4_1_362x499 F05F762A-CF7D-44C2-B1B5-4304F2CD4055 51e090479a54aa464ed80e64ed4ca727def52324_1_281x500



They are all ready good


could I maybe do the request with your group?




Send the details


thank you :blush:


Your welcome




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Can you do this request


she’s asking for an actual drawing. i dont do that remember?


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Not an actual drawing

Drawing love me this you made

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