Art scene needed for my cover!

Can someone draw me something like this picture but have her in a plain T-shirt no stripes and the pendant necklace on?! And at the bottom right I want the title of my story “What If?” on it. I want her to look like she’s really thinking.


My team can try…

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I’d appreciate it!

Hey! I am with L.I.W.F, I just have a few questions about your cover.

  1. Do you want it to look sketched? ( If you do what color do you want the lines?)(I was thinking black lines)
  2. How big do you want the title?
  3. Do you want anything to have color?
  4. Do you want it to look almost exactally like this just with the changes?
    Just leave a numbered list with the answers ! :grin:
  1. Yes I’d like it to look sketched and yes black please
  2. I’d like the title to be a pretty good size so you can really see it
  3. Is like the title to be in color. Do you suggest a color that will pop out good?
  4. And yes almost exactly like the picture be with the changes I said

I really appreciate it!!!

Of course! Okay, for the title I suggest a blue or purple. Also quick, do you want any background behind the girl?

Like a light blue or dark blue? And idk I didn’t think about the background honestly lol

Okay, I will do light blue with a dark blue outline for the text. I will do something for the background, then you can tell me if you like it! If not I can always change it!

Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

Yep no problem! Do you have any font preferences?

do you have a font kinda like this you could do?

I have a simillar one, I will put it on and if it is not what you are looking for i will change it!

okay thank you!

Okay, I have finished! If there is anything you would like me to add or change do not be hesitant to ask! Hope you like it!

I really like it!!!
what do you want me to put to credit you?!

Credit us as Episode Harmony on Instagram if you have it , then in your story just give a shout out to us as well!

its just @episodeharmony?

Just say thank you and do #episodeharmony. Then we can veiw it! We do not have an instagram yet, something we need to work on… lol

Okay thank you!

Your welcome!

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