Art scene needed for new story!

I need an art scene desperately. I am new to this sorta thing but would appreciate anyone who knows anyone who could create me an art scene cover for my new upcoming story. I am doing a supernatural genre story. Involving a girl and a vampire( sounds cliche I know but I promise it’s totally different) and I wanted an art scene to represent their love for one another.

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Also feel free to review this tutorial, it has a lot of info about where to organize posts on the forums :slight_smile:

Do you have an idea of what you want to do? I can try doing it if you want.

Hey!! I can try!! I am an okay artist and I love to try new things!! What do you want?

Yeah I’m doing a supernatural genre story with a human girl and a vampire guy and I wanted something to show all this. Would you want to know what my characters look like as in the story they aren’t able to be customized by the reader.

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Well you can always tell me but I’m not sure if I can do something for it… It seems kinda difficult and I’m not familiar with all of this.

absolutely I will help out

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Do you have an episode instagram account

yes it’s writtenbylila but I only just started it so it’s not set up right yet :sweat_smile: a better account to follow me on right now is @_ kible _ no spaces but episode will only allow me to do it that way