Art scene needed !help!


so guys i need an art scene for my new story so who thinks he | she is willing to make one please know those things :

1 I am not going to upload my story any time soon it’s taking time coz I want it perfect
2 I will give you credit in the story that’s for sure
3 I may want specific features so don’t get bored of me
4 i would be very grateful to anyone that can make me an art scene
p.s. if anyone also makes backgrounds that would be great


go here


actually i need an art scene like in the teacher story do you know it ?!


Yeah It might take a while we have 15 request pending


how long cause someone told me like that 2 months ago and she didn’t answer till now


might be 2 weeks


okay can i see a sample of your work please


there on the thread


ohhh :joy::flushed:


okay i will request there then


If you still need anyone check out the Episode Nirvana thread :revolving_hearts:
We’d be happy to help but if epy.sister.hood are doing it that’s totally fine just an offer :revolving_hearts:


If you wanted an art scene like Mette M Pelekis’ The Teacher, that would be impossible because her artist, Caroline, only makes Episode Art Scenes for Mette and Mette only, but there are many other artists willing to make art scenes, but they may look different! :slight_smile:


i don’t mean typically i just need that kind of drawings