Art Scene Needed! Please dm me

I need a kissing scene between two of my main characters, we can discuss more details if anyone is willing to draw me a scene. You will be getting credit on my insta and on my story :slight_smile:


Hey! :blush:

Unfortunately I can’t help you but this topic shouldn’t be in feature and art suggestions & animations! It should be in Creator’s Corner, Art Resources ! :slightly_smiling_face:
Make sure to fix it :smile:, hope you find someone soon.

I can probably do it. My examples are:

My insta is rowenj_epi

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Hello !
I’m a digital artist and I’d be glad to do something for you. (Not for free as it’s my job)
Feel free to message me!
You can find me there or on Instagram
If you can’t pay for a commission, you can still follow me to give support, which is quite as much important for us artists.
Have a good day/night :slight_smile:

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