Art Scene Needed! (Plus an Edit)


Hey so i really need and art scene for my two main characters in my story which i cant make, Here are the Details!

Star the girl:
Skin color: Rosewood
Eye shape: Upturned Bold (brown)
Eyebrows: soft arch
Hair: Double Bun (Black)
Nose : Soft Natural
lips: Classic (Raven)
Face Shape : Soft Heart
Clothes: Grey Beach Day Tied Cutoff Shirt and Grey Bikini Halter Bottom (Slate Grey)

Position is : blowing a kiss.

Background would be her in the living room

Then for my boy character Ethan he’d look like

Hair: Long Bangs (White)
Eyebrow: Medium Sharp
Skin Color: Caramel
Eye: Classic Round (White)
Face Shape :Square jaw
Lips: Uneven (Blush)
Clothes : Shirtless and Blackripped jeans.

Position would be him winking and the background is him in a pool area.



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