Art Scene Needed Plz (Ink)

I kinda need an art scene of this female character looking from a roof down below in a sort of crouched pose. Whe. i asked for this a couple months back the artist went mia . I really need it drawn/digitally. It’s an important piece for the beginning of my story. I need in maybe 2 weeks tops. If you need any other details please let me know.


Character: Leilani
Skin: Honey
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Hair: Long Faux Hawk (Cayenne)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Auburn)
Face: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic (Azure)

Any outfit is fine as long as it’s sexy and black and she has a sort of scar on her left eye and her arms are covered in roses.

Any dark roof background at night will work.

Please leave examples of your work below.


If you have a watermark that’d be perfect and I’m looking for kinda realistic but it can still look like episodeish :revolving_hearts:

When you say scar on her left, left what? hand/arm/cheek?

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Oh frick. Eye :joy: My bad

Haha, like along the eyebrow? so you would want her facing right to show that?

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Yeah. The scar goes from a little under her eye and up slighty over her eyebrow. :two_hearts:

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Wellllllllll I’m kinda bored so, I will give it a shot and if it isn’t what you’re after then no need to use it, it’s just giving me something to do lol

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Ok and ty :joy::revolving_hearts:

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So I just finished it, hopefully it’s okay for you… Never drawn that hairstyle at this angle :confused::joy: anyway if you choose to use it, please credit me on my Instagram @Cheyara_episode58,


Holy shit Tysm :kissing_heart::revolving_hearts: I’m definetly using it and it’s exactly how I imagined. :clap::two_hearts::heart:

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:joy::joy: That’s good then :grinning: glad you like it.

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@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can you close this? :heartbeat:

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks!