Art scene needed plz πŸ˜‚


I’m in need of an art scene comment down if you can help I’ll send details

Episode Harmony Official Request Thread [CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]

Episode harmony can

I can


Ok I’ll send the details


Won’t let me send pic so I’m gonna send you the characters and background and stuff


Will that work ok?




Thank you do you want all the characters


Yes It only let me add 5 :frowning:


OK I will get to work it probably be done tommorow or today




I have 2 people that requested before you so I will have to do theirs first but its not gonna be long since I work fast and my best friend will be helping me


Ok that’s fine with me


Hey, are you writing on mobile? If so, you won’t be able to incorporate the art scene, because on mobile you can’t add in custom BGs, only the ones that are provided can be used…


Oh no I’m not I just sent it from mobile cuz my laptop wouldn’t let me