Art scene Needed pwease

I need an art scene with him:

wearing exactly that. And him standing there smoking please people

What do you want the background to be?

School lockers or something school related

Ok! I’ll try to make it asap
Do you want me to give you some examples of my art?


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Can I make him hold cigarette or he has to be smoking?

If he’s holding it can his hand atleast be close to his face? Like somewhere up there

But no he doesn’t have to be smoking

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Yeah that can be done…cuz to make him smoking would be difficult

Yep just make it easier for you

You can Check(if u want to ) some of my art here:-

Need you guys to review my art!

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You are an amazing artist

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Thank u❤️

Sorry for all these questions but where do you want him look ? Like towards the readers, towards the cigar (hope u get what I mean)

He can look towards the cigar and np I understand


The first one is with the bg and the second one is png (if u want to use it)

Is it fine?And please be honest
if u want to change something then tell me

I love it! I can’t wait to use it in my story

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And since I don’t have an Instagram account you can just credit me as-“made by EmmaB.”


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