Art scene needed. Thanks!

Can someone make me a art scene using the two charachters below have the guy hugging her and the girl crying in his arms… Thanks will credit you :blush:

Here is a better pic of the male

I can! Can you screenshot the character information, please?

Ok Thanks!

what are the character detail

Becky/The Female:

Light Skin Color
Soft Natural Nose
Seductive Arch Eyebrows
Soft Heart Face
Classic Bubble Gum Pink Lips
Beach Wave Blond Hair
Upturned Bold Blue Eyes

Caden/The Male:
Light Skin
Thin Arch Eyebrow
Short Cropped Chestnut Hair
Classic Round Blue Eyes
Defined Triangle Face Shape
Button Nose
Classic Blush Lips

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It be done today

can I use them as characters in my story

Yes! :blush:

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Okay Thank You So Much!!

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Your welcome

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Let me know when it is done take your time. Also how would you like me to credit you?

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Episode diamonds

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Hey can you still make the art schene?

I’m almost done

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you didn’t tell me the outfit names

I will make u one i made a lot of good edits already.

I’m done

here it is


make sure to credit anitika and episode diamonds

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Thank You!

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