Art scene needed. Thanks!


Can someone make me a art scene using the two charachters below have the guy hugging her and the girl crying in his arms… Thanks will credit you :blush:


Here is a better pic of the male


I can! Can you screenshot the character information, please?


Ok Thanks!


what are the character detail


Becky/The Female:

Light Skin Color
Soft Natural Nose
Seductive Arch Eyebrows
Soft Heart Face
Classic Bubble Gum Pink Lips
Beach Wave Blond Hair
Upturned Bold Blue Eyes

Caden/The Male:
Light Skin
Thin Arch Eyebrow
Short Cropped Chestnut Hair
Classic Round Blue Eyes
Defined Triangle Face Shape
Button Nose
Classic Blush Lips


It be done today


can I use them as characters in my story


Yes! :blush:


Okay Thank You So Much!!


Your welcome


Let me know when it is done take your time. Also how would you like me to credit you?


Episode diamonds


Hey can you still make the art schene?


I’m almost done


you didn’t tell me the outfit names


I will make u one i made a lot of good edits already.


I’m done


here it is


make sure to credit anitika and episode diamonds


Thank You!