Art Scene Needed!


Currently working on a story, and I’m in need of an art scene.
If you are able to help me, please PM me, or reply here!
Here are the details:

(If you can, please add stuff inside the locker)
On the floor, I need a yearbook and papers, because they fell out of her locker.

POSE FOR FEMALE CHARACTER: She’s picking up the books and papers that fell on the floor and she’s smiling.

POSE FOR MALE CHARACTER: He’s helping her pick up the books and papers, but he’s looking at her at the same time.
*In the future, I will need a lot more art scenes, so I will be asking later on too!


@EpisodeStudio can do it!


I’ll wrk on it now.


Hi, I totally want to read your story. Have you published it yet?


@Ryan @Jeremy Please close this thread! I found an artist!