Art Scene Outline


Working on the outline of my art scene, what do you guys think so far?


It looks really good!! You’re talented! :blush:


It’s really good you should join episode helpers there looking for more artists


How can I contact them?


Want a link to it





I joined yesterday


How do you create a topic


Click on the colorful Episode on the left right and create a new topic.


that looks so
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Hey, @January! I just wanted you to do some cover art for me please.

Here is the image I want you to tweak:

And don’t forget to tweak this as well:

I would really appreciate it if you did. I just want you to tweak the images.
Olivia M.


I can help You can ask @Castilia17 she is amazing


I don’t do that sort of stuff


I instantly thought of Jungkook lol. It looks nice!


It’s him! Lol


Ok! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Aha, of course~ Is that RM grabbing him, perhaps?