Art scene please!


Hey guys. Is anyone free to make an art ink scene for me? I just need two art scenes for now. If so, thank you so much. I can be patient.


@Teahwalker @crazygirl @Natalie_c @epy.raven


I would love to :smiley:


What would the art scene be?


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Really?? Could you please DM me on my instagram @xxcurlymixed_writerxx Thank you so much.


The art scene would be like something romantic between a boy and girl and I need two art scenes.


Episode harmony can


I wanna request for an Art scene lol. @epy.raven said you guys were open


Yeah will do in 20 minutes if its okay


Yeah. I can tell you the details. The kind of art scene is romantic and everything. I wanted this girl clinging on to boy who is carrying her and she has bruises and she’s bleeding and the boy is carrying her out of danger. And then I wanted my second art scene to be where the boy is kissing the girl passionately. I’ll send looks.