Art Scene (Really) Needed 😲

Heyy! I am currently writing a story and I got to the point in the story where an art scene would be nice, and I was trying to find an art shop/artist that does drawn art scenes in LL but the artists that I wanted were unavailable. :sneezing_face: If anyone does art scenes please reply to this thread and provide examples if you can please! :innocent:

I’ll try to describe it as best as I can ( I am so sorry if this is really confusing, feel free to ask questions! )


This is what happens before the art scene starts. As long as the background has the same sky it’s good (They are looking at the moon so the moon can’t be in the scene but we see the girl’s elbows leaning on this railing.)
art scene 1
Here is what’s behind them (the background I used in this scene):


We are viewing them as if we were in front of them.


The girl is standing near the ship’s deck with elbows resting on “rails” looking to her left (our left) at the guy who is looking up at the moon

Facial Expressions

The girl’s face should have some tears (but not too much) as she had just finished crying. Here’s a picture similar to what I’m imagining:
art scene 1 girl pose
The guy has a thoughtful but kinda sad face as he’s reminded of something from his past. Kinda like this one but less dramatic if you know what I mean lol:
art scene 1 guy pose


This is how they look like:
front pov art scene 1

Extra details
  • Please draw them standing a little closer than how they are in this picture
Story Details (For Inspiration)

This is a time-travelling story where a tsunami takes the girl back to the 1700s where pirates roamed the seas. In this art scene, it’s finally night time after her first day arriving here on the Queen Anne’s Revenge (the ship.) She can’t hold it any longer so she cries and runs outside onto the deck but finds the captain (Edward) there. After talking, she tells him she misses home and Edward is reminded of his home that he ran away from at the age of 16. They then both look at the moon and that’s where the art scene starts.

I kinda doubt anyone will do this but if you’re down, I really appreciate this and again I’m so sorry for being confusing I suck at explaining thiss :frowning:

p.s. At first I wanted to make this a contest but I think it will be a flop so I decided to just ask :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hey i do comissions if you are interested plz reply me back

I’m doing commissions if you are interested i could send the examples

hey here are some art shops where you can request, they´re free :sparkling_heart:

You can check my art shop! It’s free!

Hey there I do commissions. If u r interested u could reach out to me via Instagram @mcwayblogs or my email

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Hi! Please check out That One Art Shop! We will be happy to take your request!