Art scene request! 😊


Hello all! I need an art scene made for my story featuring 2 of my main characters. I need someone who is talented in scenes with couples kissing. Drop some examples of your work or PM me some examples and I’ll let you know if I’d like you to do the art scene for me.

Thank you! :blush:


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Greek Gods can help! Request here.



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Here are some examples if you haven’t chosen anyone yet ^^

My examples


Have you chosen someone yet? If not, Episode Wonder would love to help! If you have, just ignore this. :sparkles:




Those look really good, but not really what I’m looking for. Your talent is amazing and I’d like to stay in contact with you! :blush:


That first picture is almost exactly how I want the art scene to be! Do I have to sign a request form or just give you the details through PM?


You can just PM us! (Just a heads up, the person who did it just started school, so it might take a little)




LMAO thanksss! @LHT made it for me ages ago :blush:


I found an artist. I’d like this topic to be closed.


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This is for the story I’m directing for you soooo :wink: