Art Scene Requests Completed

Hi fellow episodians! It’s been a while since I last posted but I am back after a long time of inactivity and here with 3 completed requests. 2 art scenes for @ihicks01 and 1 art scene for @Hannah_minna :heart: Sorry it is way WAYYYYYYYYYY overdue. I hope this makes up for that. If you guys want me to do it all over again and aren’t satisfied with the results just let me know and I’ll do them all over again. Also both of you requested at the same time so I thought it would be fair to post both of yours together.

Here is your art scene @Hannah_minna :sparkling_heart:

I hope I got everything right. If I got something wrong let me know and I’ll make the changes and send them back to you again.

Last but not least here are your art scenes. @ihicks01 :sparkles:

I hope I did it the way you wanted. There are a few choices so it’s up to you which one(s) you want to use. Also if you want a different background send me the background and I’ll make the changes then resend your art scenes to you. If I did get anything wrong just let me know and I’ll make those changes as well :slight_smile:

Until next time bye y’all :heart:

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Thank yoh so much!!

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Your welcome :slight_smile: If there is anything wrong let me know.

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Ok I will

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Allmost the only thing is that the character doesn’t look like what i requested and there is not any title but everything else is perfect

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I’m really sorry. If you want I can redo it again and I promise I’ll do it really quick but properly. But it’s up to you.

It is really good but i would love if you just could like fix the character and the thing with the title

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Sure :slight_smile: Just message me the characters details and a picture of what she looks like so I can make sure I am editing the right character and also message me what the title is.