Art scene Touch up

Heyyyy so I made this art scene but I am not 100% with it yet, does anyone mind touching it up a lil bit? It would help me a lot!

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What sort of touch ups would u need (:

Maybe a finishing touch such as highlights some lightning or things in general that you would change
Also I am uploading the art scene rn but my wifi is bad


I can give it a go and if it doesn’t go as I hope, I have some friends who are artists that could give it a go for u (:

You’re a really talented artist btw (:

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wow that would be amazing!
Thank you so much it was my first digital try :smiley:

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Wow, so u have a natural talent for drawing then (:

Thank you!
That means a lot to me!

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You’re welcome (:

I can do free shading for you :smile:

(: that would be awesome !

Do u have insta

Nearly done (:

Done :blush:


Let me know if you’d like me to make any changes for u (:


WOw i love it!
Its amazing omg the shading!

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Can u pm me in 2eerina

You did such an awesome job!Thank youuuu
If I need to change something I will write you!
But its great.

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yes wait a sec

Thank u (:

thank U haha