Art scene -with examples please


Hi I’m in need of a large cover for my story , I was wondering if anybody would be interested .
I would love examples if possible .


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I may be able to help


I love the first one , what Info would you need ?



If you could put him behind her and she face him.
Title:Left BreathLess
Just put written by Lizzie C
Is that everything ?


When do I need it done by and do u want it drawn or edited


I plan on releasing it in a week tops I like how the first picture you sent ,that says Olivia loves


But I can wait if it’s longer


A week is fine. I’ll do my best to finish in that time limit.


Thank you let me know if it’s longer I don’t mind


I think this would go better in the creators corner art resources


Hello, I know I was supposed to help with your cover but with me being 13 and currently traveling I’m afraid I won’t be able to assist you anymore. I’m really sorry about the inconvenience but I know a few art groups that might be willing to help. Again I’m very sorry. If u have any complaints just tell me. Thank u.


That’s okay hunn


Thank u so much for understanding!!


Your 13 enjoy your time don’t spend it on a device lol


Lol ok! Thanks again!