Art scenes and cover requests open- EMERGENCY ! ( I AM HELPING MY FRIENDS FROM UKRAINE)

Hi everybody!

You might not know but I am opening my requests for art.
If you have any, my dm’s is open on Instagram at
@marydilara_drawing or @adawrites.

Let me know here if you are interested


Alittle update, I will start drawing commisions, but don’t worry, my prices are affordable.
The reason why I am taking comissions from now on is because this is my main job, I am a student and I am broke.

My prices are:
Portrait (1 person): 15 euros
Half Body(1 person): 25 euros
Full Body(1 person): 35 euros
Every additional character is half of the price.
Small details(tattoos, piercings, props):+5 euros


Do you have any examples?? :))

Yes, I do, I have some on my profile and I can show you more on DM, on insta

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Bump <33

Can I see your examples?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

yes, I have on these accounts, and Ican show you in private some stuff that I did not post yet<3

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Can i pm u on forums my request :blob_hearts:

sure, but I am mostly active on my insta

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Hey hun! Can you send me some examples of your work please? :revolving_hearts:

sure, i will dm you

This is so nice! Going to check out ur Insta :slight_smile:

I don’t have many examples there, but I can show you some examples from my writer account, @adawrites if you want