Art scenes // any willing artists to create an art scene for my story :)? i'll give credit!

Hello all!
I was just wondering if there are any free artists out there who are willing to do an art scene for me?

I will give lots of credit!

-as i know it’s annoying when you complete amazing art and then don’t get credited :frowning:

If you are interested please reply or send me an email, if there is any other way you would like me to pay for it OTHER THAN MONEY, then i will do!

Or any recommendations of free artists to be put down below?

I will send you the information needed and the characters descriptions as well as the type of background and pose for them to be in.

Thank you all so very much :blush: :purple_heart:


I will do it

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You can pm me!

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I can possibly help you

Here’re my examples


If you want :relaxed: I can do it!! Just check out my art shop for examples! And hey @CIA_WRITES examples are also great :wink:

And well this is my shop link!!


Thnk so much @Devil_Herself
U are a great artist as well

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I Will have a look now! Thank you! :smiley:

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Although I usually do commissioned art, I’m doing an art giveaway right now and there are lots of chances to win. You could consider joining:) All you have to do is read my story to enter.