Art scenes anyone?


Can anyone please help me with art scenes ? :thinking:


We can help you!


Thank you for answer me! But I can’t see your examples. Can you send them again ? :blush:


If you click on that link and scroll down you can see the examples:)


As you see I can’t :blush:


You have to click on the link


Here are some examples then
image image image image image image image image image image image image


the bit in blue at the top that says B.A.N art collab is what yo need to click on :blush:


Yes that is exactly right


Characters Details!!!

Skin colour Tan
Nose Upturned
Face Shape Oval
Brown Sedective Arch
Eyes Uptunerd Feline Colour Green
Hair Beach Wave Hair Colour Cayenne
Lips Classic Colour Terracotta


Skin colour Tan
Brown Thin Arch
Face Shape Diamond
Nose Button
Eyes Stoic Almond Colour Blue
Hair Short Cropped Hair Colour BLACK
Lips Uneven Colour Terracotta

I want this background :


This clothes :

And something like that on the art scene:


I want it as soon as you can!!! Please inform me for my art scene I really need it!!!


I will tag you on the thread you need to post this on just so I can be more organized:)


I tagged you in the thread!


@Circe_dreamteam whould you be able to do this?


I… don’t have my phone anymore… would you like to try?? I can teach you.


Ok…I could…but could you tech me in a bit…I have to eat dinner right now




I have to post it again ?


Well just copy and paste it into that thread that way it is easier


Okay I will :blush: