Art scenes, backgrounds, and overlays created here!

Here are a few things I have created for my own story. I do charge, but only depending on the piece itself. I won’t charge anything above $5. I will let you know that I will be working on the art around 8 at night because I have a part time job and I’m working on my own episode during my free time in the day. I’m starting to get myself in a schedule and if I’m wanting to fit doing art pieces for people then that’s the only time I can fit it. I will try my best to get them done ASAP though


These are amazing! I would love to request one this coming week

Sure, just tell me what it is and I will get to work on it tonight

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do you do story covers

Hey! I love the recolour of the office background and I was wondering if I would be able to use it? I’ll credit you ofc. :revolving_hearts:

I do commissions for story cover if you like.
Here some examples of mine:

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Sure you can use it😊

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Yes I do covers that 1st photo is actually a cover I created

Thank you! What do I credit you as? :yay:

your backgrounds are STUNNING!


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Thank you, I’m very proud of their outcomes😊

Do you charge?

I do, but I will never go above 5. So I may charge from like a dollar to 5 dollars depending on what it is. Like covers and art scenes will be 5. Backgrounds will be 3 and depending on the size of the overlay depends on that price

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I really love your work could you please make me background of the front of an old bookstore make that a creepy old bookstore please and I will give credit

Sure, would you like to start another conversation between just me and you to discuss the details?

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Can we use this backgrounds you posted for free?
Obviously giving you credits

yes you can

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Thanks! What is the nick I should use to credit you?