ART SCENES - COMMISSIONS OPEN (Professional Digital Artist)

That is so sweet thank you :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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How you do that?
How long have you been drawing?

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Since forever I guess!
But I only took it seriously a few month ago :slight_smile:


UP :star_struck: just to make the topic appear again

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I’m creating a story, and I need cover art, I LOVE your art its beautiful, about how much do you charge for cover art?

Also I don’t have an IG

prices please… :thinking:

Hello! Thank you very much.
I’ll send the prices through message then!

Hello! Prices are on my Instagram highlights at @lapetiteartiste
If you don’t have Instagram tell me and I’ll send them by message here :slight_smile:

I love your art so much can you also send me your prices I’d love to keep you as an option for story cover.

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Of course dear! Thank you. I’ll send them by message then

Haiii!! so as of right now i do not have instagram so can you send me the prices through pm please?

Of course! I’ll send right away

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Def gonna keep you in mind when I start buying covers to be made🥰

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Thank you very much dear

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Hi, I’m BRAND new to Episode Forums and all, but your artwork is absolutely phenomenal. I’m writing a story currently and I need an art cover (and possibly splash(es) if you do that) I was wondering if your still taking commissions?
(P.s I don’t have Insta)

That’s really kind !
Thank you very much.
Yes I still take commissions :relaxed::relaxed:

Can you PM me the prices? I might request soon!! Your Art is Amazing!! :star_struck:

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Of course! Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ll PM you