Art scenes, covers, etc



Hey guys, so I want to start making covers and art scenes for people, so if you have a request just comment it and I will make it for you. It usually takes a day or two for me to finalize everything, but I can speed it up if it’s urgent. I do digital art only because it’s easier but if you want me to do art on paper, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks! :heart:

here’s one of my art works.




I’ve only started out now, but I did do an art scene for someone.

I know I’m inexperienced, but I need to start from somewhere :blush:


I knpw I’m not requesting but great art!


thank you!


I can request


great! what’s your request?


Can you do this draw this 1540947675527


yeah I can, may I draw it digitally and send to you, maybe tomorrow?


That’s great😊


do oyu still do art?