Art scenes, edits and cover art requests! (CLOSED INDEFINITELY)

Hey all :wave:t2:

So I’ve decided to open up my own thread where you can request cover arts, edits and art scenes!
(Contacting me through my Instagram will be a lot easier. @sirloin.episode. However I will respond to messages on here if you happen to not have an Instagram account.)


  • My edits, art scenes and cover art will be free of charge since they contain Episode assets.
  • I only edit in limelight, (since that is all I have practice with and like) sorry ink and classic lovers :crazy_face:
  • My watermark will be on the edit, art scene and/or cover art and won’t be removed. I will make sure my watermark will not be in an obstructive or annoying spot. If you go out of your way to remove it yourself, I won’t be impressed, nor will I make you anything ever again. Your username will be jotted down in my shitlist:ok_hand:t2:
  • Three characters maximum in the edit, art scene and/or cover art.
  • You must be absolutely crystal clear on what you want in the edit, art scene and/or cover art. Please send me an image of what you want the edit to similarly look like, since that would end up being the best possible outcome. I will let you know if I can or cannot do it. If I cannot do it we can work something out.
  • You must screenshot or write me your character details, please make sure all the detail labels are correct and easy to read. Screenshot the character outfits, accessories, scars, freckles, beauty marks, tattoos, piercings etc etc etc, please make sure they are also easy to read.
    I do not want to be straining my eyes trying to make an edit, art scene and/or cover art for you, lol.
    And please try to not forget anything as chasing you up for the correct information is very tiring and unmotivating. In other words, have everything ready to go when you want to send your request.
  • If you have a preferred background you want me to use in the edit, art scene and/or cover art then send it to me. If you don’t have one or really care, then I’m happy to use whatever one I think looks best for the edit.
  • If you have a preferred character facial expression tell me and I’ll use it for the edit, art scene and/or cover art. If you don’t care, then I’m happy to use whatever expression I think looks best.
  • Please do not request an edit, art scene, and/or cover art if you won’t be using it. I put a lot of time and pride into my work and would actually like to see it being used.
  • Crediting my work is essential, no questions asked.

Please keep in mind that I am NOT a drawing artist. I literally cannot draw for shit! :sweat_smile:
All I do when I make my edits, art scenes and cover arts is screenshot the characters in the animations, cut them out and Frankenstein them together.

Examples of my work will be listed below. Please keep in mind that some of my edits, art scenes and cover arts are for a mature audience so please proceed with caution!
You can also have a look on my Instagram page as all my edits will be on there! :upside_down_face:

Disclaimer: Please do not rush or hound me for the edit, art scene and/or cover art as I will indefinitely get shitty and not do it for you.
I do this in my spare time because I enjoy it.
I will give you a rough time estimate if I decide to take on your request, and it will be done within that time frame unless I state otherwise.



I would like a cover



Title: My Sweet Jerk

I really like this one

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If you need me to write down the characters description just tell me

Your edits are the bomb; super epic. I do not have instagram so I will have to communicate with you through the forums (if you accept my request that is) You specified that you wanted to be crystal clear so I’ll try and give you as much information as possible.

If you have time and think you would be interested in the cover that’d be amazing; but it’s also totally fine if you are not interest/don’t have time as I know artists/editors all have lives outside of well requests.

Cover idea

Essentially here’s my idea for the cover.
Two characters Sylvia and Christopher are standing in the middle of the cover, touching palms to one another (refrence photo below)

Refrence Pose

^ I know the pose isn’t the clearest but I was having difficulties finding an image of what I’m picturing online. I kinda want it to look like the two characters are madly in love yet their seperated by an invisible glass barrier and cannot quite reach one another.

I don’t have any specific backgrounds in mind but a field or any other outdoorsy (non-city) background would work.

The title is Shipped and for the font I was wondering if you could do a cursive/historical looking one?

Character details have been written below

Sylvia Outfit -
Shirt: Long Sleeve Ruffle Cuffed Shirt Cotton Grey White
Pant: Foldedwaistband Basic Suede Neutral Brown

Sylvia Details -
Skin Colour: Copper 10
Brow: Arched Natural Scar
Brow Colour: Deep Brown
Hair: Medium Shoulder Curly Bun Hair
Hair Colour: Brown Black
Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide
Eye Colour: Brown light
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Broad
Lips: Full Round Pouty
Lips Colour: Brown Deep Rose

Christopher Outfit -
Shirt: Embellished Vest Long Sleeve Shirt Cotton Silver White
Pants: Skinny Jean Rolled Cuff Denim Grey Black
Shoes: Ankle Socks Oxford Shoes Leather Black White

Christopher Details -
Body: Gold 02
Eyebrow: Furrowed Raised S
Eyebrow Colors: Ginger Red
Hair: Medium Side Part Flip
Hair Color: Ginger Red
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded
Eye Color: Green Emerald
Face: Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble
Nose: Roman Straight Broad
Lips: Medium Heart
Lip Color: Beige Gold Matte

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still open?

Yes I do need you to write down or screenshot the character details as I have no idea what they are by just looking at a screenshot of the character itself. I stated above what details I needed lol.

Sure is. It says open on the thread.

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i see, just want to clear :blush:

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I’m so glad you like them! x
And thank you for being so clear on what you want! It is very much appreciated and makes my job ten times easier lol.
I will send you a message (via the forums) in a few.

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Skin: Glod 03
Eyes: Deepset Almond
Eye Color: Green Emerald
Nose: Defined Natural
Face: Diamond
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lip Color: Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
Brows: Arched Natural
Brow Color: Chestnut Brown
Hair: Updo Pony Wavy Long
Hair Color:Platinum White

Skin: Gold 02
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Sunken
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Nose: Straight Pointed
Face: Chiseled Angular
Lips: Medium Heart
Lip Color: Fair Rose Matte
Brows: Furrowed Raised S
Brow Color: Dark Brown
Hair: Medium Side Part Flip
Hair Color: Dark Brown

When it comes to the background you can choose whatever you think fits

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This is so good I would so love to do an edit collab with you later. I bookmarked this page for the future!

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Sounds good!
Just hit me up when you’re ready.

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I’ll send you a message via the forums in a few hours when I finish work.

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Ur edits r really good :heart_eyes::drooling_face: U still open by any chance?? If not can u tag me when u r :hugs:

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Your edits are too good can i request later??

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Yes, requests are still open.
And thank you! x

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Thank you! x
And yes, you can.

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WOW AWESOME! is there any way that you do custom poses that I can use for my story! i saw all your works on ig and reamed if i am lucky enough to get an edit form you!

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Thanks so much! Glad you like them x

What do you mean by ‘custom’ poses?
Just send me everything I need to know so I’m able to make this edit for you.

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