Art Scenes for my new story!

Anyone to have requests open and can help me with art scenes fro my new story?


Yes! Absolutely, here are some examples!

Oh my fucking god!!! You are so damn good . can you please create some art screnes for me???

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Awwwww thank you!!! Absolutely! Pm me!!!

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I want more passion scenes basically. And hugging scenes. Do you want to send you the details from my characters too?

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Yes please!! :blush::blush:

Skin Color Tan (for the girl)
Brown Seductive Arch
Eyes Upturned Feline Color Green
Nose Upturned
Face Shape Oval
Hair Beach Wave Hair Color Cayenne
Lips Classic Color Terracotta

Skin color Tan (for the boy)
Brown Think Arch
Eyes Stoic Almond Color Blue
Nose Button
Face shape Diamond
Hair Short Cropped Hair Color Black
Lips Uneven Color Terracotta

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Thank you!

When will you be able to finish them?

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Um well it depends when you need them ?

I can not hurry enough to say. Whenever you can!

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Ok thankyou!!

Thank you too for your help :heart_eyes:

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