Art scenes for upcoming stories


I’m re-writing old stories some romance ones, some action ones and some drama ones

However I cannot find anyone willing to help me out with art work

Personally I would prefer it if you could help me without commission as I cannot pay, and I would prefer it if you would be able to stick by my side throughout every story that I complete on episode

I understand that it’s a lot to ask but I cannot do my stories without quality art scenes.

Please let me know as soon as possible on my IG mafiastar.episode or through pm

Thank you

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You mentioned you were officially leaving but now you’re back. That’s amazing to hear :+1:

Also, I have an amazing thread here where you can go through and look for an art shop or person who does art: The A-List of Profile Pic and Cover Creators! (it says cover art and profile pics, but you can find someone who does art scenes as well)

I’m back under a new name (hopefully a better way) I hope that a new name will give me new confidence

Most places I have been to only want commission or they say they’ll do it but never get back to me and if they do it’s not exactly what I meant

How would I go about getting them though because it could be a lot and I’m pretty nervous

Hi :wave:

Could you… That would be amazing

I’ve been looking for so long, any help would be great

Thank you so much

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Are you able to message me or Pm me?

That would be easier

I sent you a message