Art scenes from descriptive scripts needed


I’m looking for someone to do some really nice art scenes for my story. These will be showcasing the 2 main love interests and the main character. I will be writing the scenes soon and was hoping people could send me through some examples of their work if they’re interested in completing these.



Episode studio can do it. Just pm the deets. Tag @epy.sophie @SilverStar


Thanks for tagging me!


Thanks for tagging me, I think I can do it.


Episode Diamond would love to help.

@ushio @Unique_911 @ForeverMagic112 @epi.alyssaa @zoe4564 @Cayla_Chanel_Whitt


Hi! I’m glad you want to help the community but @epy.sophie was doing it and as any artist knows, it sucks for ppl to just get rid of your art. I hope you understand