Art scenes help on the story

Hi everyone…
I just finish read a story with that:

Who can make this for stories with credit?
I know some people but they want money :frowning:

yeah you properly wont find that level of art for free, I say that art scene is at least worth 60 dollers.

a lot of people do free art scenes. but you know what they the say price match the quality. aka the free art usally are not good. some free artist do some good art. but not that good.


Well yeah its cost a lot when you have more then 10 episodes…
I need someone for free or to know how they doing this?

unfortunately, if you want someone with that quality, it’s very expensive. your best shot would be looking around for free art shops on this forum (although they won’t be as professional as the ones you showed).

I will looking for that though…
Because its very expencive…

well they draw them by years of experince, I do art myself, I am no where near that level. art is a skill there takes years to learn. and its a luxury item, which is why its expensive. people spend hours makeing art.

if you wont pay for art scenes. you only have 3 options

  1. get free art. but it wont be as good. some can do great art though. but I really doubt someone will do multiple for you. if they are good and free they will properly have a long waiting list

  2. just dont have art scenes, they are not important to a story

  3. draw them yourself. actually I very much do recommend you to try because the struggle you feel for it, is what you won’t pay others to do. also if you wanna do digital art, to make it, sure you can find free art programs like Krita(it’s pretty recommended) but a program like photoshop is like 500 dollars. a cheap Wacom drawing tablet is 60 dollars. and is properly what most use. and expensive is in the 600 dollar price

and sure I get it you dont have money for it, no one ever does. but the artist pays a fortune to be able to draw. and spend years learning how to do it, art is a service. its fine you dont wanna pay. just dont be rude to people who take money. I tell you a lot of people beg for free art. so much there is multiple videos about it on youtube.

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This is what i want to buy…

No rude…its pretty as I see this…and as @natashaa say this is what I will look for now…

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you can find a lot of different drawing tablets reviews on youtube, you can properly find a cheaper brand than Wacom.

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hehe since you’re looking for a drawing tablet, i personally recommend a wacom intuos in a medium size :>> it was my first drawing tablet and it was amazing.

my first was wacom Intuos Bluetooth Medium