So here’s the thing. I would like some dramatic and fluffy art scenes in my new story : Dragon Breath.
And I need to know if there is anyone out there willing to draw said art scenes for DB.
I’m not asking for a lot but enough to keep the readers at bay.:stuck_out_tongue:
If you know of or would like to draw for me then it would be basically my dream come true.:grin:
Thanks guys :kissing_closed_eyes:


send the details please


Their outfits may change but I will tell you about the details of each drawing.


didn’t you ask @Brooke_Johnson


That was for my covers and I will say her covers are amazing but right now I need art scenes and I nwent to her profile and saw nothing about art scenes or such and I guess I was just to dumb to ask about it :sweat_smile:


it be done in 5 hours or less or more


thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart_eyes:


I can help