Art scenes: Intros, Covers

So lately I have been told from a lot of people. And have seen myself that it is very hard to find. A good amount of people who are talented enough. To make us art scenes intros covers ect. I understand that we all have lives we all get busy. But we need more resources for us writers. Not everyone is artistic. So imagine being a small writer and not having talent or resources to get these things for their stories. Literally everyone you see either their commissions are closed or they don’t take requests or they’ll straight up ignore you if you aren’t a popular writer. In my opinion it’s not fair for us newly writers. We should have more resources for these things! Please ALSO KNOW IM SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF THE EPISODE COMMUNITY Im not making this just about myself! Also I mean On INSTAGRAM NOT JUST HERE!


I completely disagree. There are many threads here on the forums with people who are ready to help you with your art needs.

I don’t mean to jump on your opinion, but this is what I think.


I would love to help you!!!

I’m always open

again always open

I love making art for unpopular authors because amazing art is a way for me to help them!!

If you actually look on forums, as @epi.alyssaa said, there are artists EVERYWHERE that are willing to help. literally everywhere lol.



is that nick as your pfp :heart_eyes: love it :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I also find this post offensive to all the artists out there as well.

You say in the post, that it is hard to find a good amount of people who are talented enough to make artwork.

I find this very offensive. There is no such thing as being good enough nor talented enough. As an artist, we always strive to be our best, trying to help out as much as we can, trying to get to the expectations the client want.

It’s also very easy to find many, many of us artists. We are all talented in our own way. All of us are good at something. We enjoy doing what we do.


I disagree if you simply post That you need an assist with covers and etc many people under 5 min will be ecstatic to help.

also i agree with what you said. I don’t have the resources or money to make good backgrounds, overlays, intros, covers i wish episode made it easier by uploading arm overlays for every skin tone but it is what it is and all these things don’t matter ultimately the story and the dialogue matters

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There are artists on the forum who are willing to help. You just need to ask us…

i know and i do and give credit when i make a request but im someone who wishes i could do these things myself because i can be a control freak sometimes lol and i don’t wanna bother artists because of that

Well, then you aren’t really agreeing to the main post, he/she is saying they want more resources because no one can make art for them.

I’m not taking it personally whatsoever, I didn’t say anything about anyone being bad at art, I said everyone has talent either way, and everybody is good at a certain type of artwork.

Does anyone know how to upload a photoshop file as a background? Would be much appreciated!! Thanks x.

To everyone offended by what she’s saying, I think she is more referring to on Instagram, which is where a lot of authors search, and if you look on there almost everyone says no requests or commissions closed. The few who do say open I reached out to recently and was ignored. Personally I do not come on the forums too often, so I have not tried here. I do not believe she means this offensive, but there are definitely more authors than artists.


I mean on like Instagram

If it’s a background change it to a jpeg file not photoshop file or PSD for a overlay

Also make sure it’s the right size such as 640 by 1136 or 1280 by 1136

Exactly what you said! There’s so many people who literally will ignore your dms or comments

I’m not trying to shade anyone trust me! I’m saying I myself as a editor and writer we editors sometimes can come off as a bit picky… and judgemendal even when we’re not trying to be! I’m not perfect in anyway. For me I’m a visual person so I have a lot of visual creative ideas that flow through my head. And sometimes my ideas and visions come off to be a bit complex and way out side of the box. My point is… I’m not trying to judge anyone for having their own talent. I’m just pointing out for those writers who find it hard to find good quality editors to make them decent art scenes and such without making you something that has nothing to do with the story. That’s what I meant also.


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if you don’t think artists on here are good, you’ll have to pay for it, and we do this for the good of the community… not really for money. You won’t find many artists who work for pay on here… try devianart, or somewhere else… there are literally so many artists available to do art for you. Literally, post a thread and see how many people come running to help you.

Lol it is crazy…