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if you don’t think artists on here are good, you’ll have to pay for it, and we do this for the good of the community… not really for money. You won’t find many artists who work for pay on here… try devianart, or somewhere else… there are literally so many artists available to do art for you. Literally, post a thread and see how many people come running to help you.

Lol it is crazy…


I learnt to make my own when I first started. It isn’t actually that difficult to make something simple that still looks nice. (Over time I’ve definitely improved and by making my own covers, I can get exactly what I want.)
But there are plenty of resources for “small” authors if you look around. Try Instagram groups (true, requests are often closed as they get filled up quickly but they do have openings every now and then) and of course the forums.

If you’re looking for something specific of a specific quality (I see a lot of people on here asking for digital art for example), then I think you should be prepared to pay for it. Digital art more often than not isn’t free but if you’re happy to pay, then you’ll find plenty of people with commissions open.


As an author who wants everything to be how I vision, I personally don’t go for the “5 minute covers” that’s because I want mine to be how I want it to be. Not everyone who is willing to do you cover does the kind of art you want.


You have a point, I am an author and an artist myself, I only make splashes quickly, but covers, that’s what hook people onto your story, which is why it should take longer.

PS: I was never the one who said five minute covers… but, I saw you replied to me so, I’m not sure.


I didn’t mean to quote the 5 minute bit linking back to you, I just wanted to highlight why I would no want that kind of cover. :heart:


Ah, I see. Sorry if I gave any inconvienience.


I wasn’t saying people on episode forums are bad that’s not what I meant… I meant on Instagram i never said anything about having to pay for good art I said it’s hard to find the type of quality art that you want for your story and people who would actually do it is what I meant half of Instagram is closed or people just don’t do it


It’s hard to find anyone on Instagram who’s open when you need it is also what I meant to put too I do believe me I usually never get responses same with my other friends all in all this post was suppose to point out that on Instagram it’s hard to find anyone who is open and has the quality art that you want


Oh, lol. Okay, well you could easily do your own, because there are plenty of free art apps, and you could learn! That way you get your true vision through… or just go one devianart and pay for it… other than that, the only other options are waiting to find openings on Instagram.


Oh I agree. I don’t even bother to look lol.
But the thing is- if you want a certain quality, sometimes you need to be prepared to pay for it or learn to do it yourself. I wanted a cover of a certain style/quality so I commissioned one. Before that, I just made my own lol.
You have to remember that these Instagram cover artists are doing it for free. When they open their requests, they tend to fill up very quickly. I’m part of a group that does covers (I don’t personally do them lol we have talented people who do that stuff ahhaa) and our requests filled up super quickly.


Yeah well I don’t have that well of Artisitc skills and I’m too busy working on my story…


Ahh I bet and yeah I know I’m having to pay my friend to do It…


(Sorry for the paragraphs- I need to learn how to write more concisely. :sweat_smile:)

I get being picky and having an exact vision, believe me, but all this is for free, so you have to lower your standards a bit. Free services means you’re taking time out of other’s lives without any payment. Thus, you can’t really expect the quality to be ace (this doesn’t mean bad, but they usually can’t work extensively on it) or for them to always be at your service and work precisely around your standards, because this scenario usually means that it’s just a pastime and that they either still have a real job they need to hold down, or they need to attend school full time, etc. etc. I personally don’t think you think you can demand to have more resources from people who do things for free. They’re trying their best, and it’s not ideal sometimes, but it’s not the end of the world. But the demand to be treated fairly makes sense!

I agree that it’s not right with the part where they ignore you if you’re not a popular author, although I can sort of understand it. I think one reason it can stem from is the desire to make sure their efforts will definitely be used and recognized (because so many people request only for their story, and furthermore covers, never see the light of day, whereas with popular authors or established authors, there’s a sense of accountability.) Doing it for recognition might not sound right, but with not much incentive otherwise, it makes some sense. Regardless, getting ignored just because of how popular you are, I don’t like that either.

I’m curious what solution you have in mind? Because obviously, you can’t force people who do things for free at their own will to just make more free time and spend a more time practicing because as you said, we all get busy. And because they do it for free, they must have other more important things going on in their lives.

Might I suggest, now knowing you were referring to Instagram, try the forums! The system of going through cover shops is much better (all the active ones are listed always at the top!), there are new ones opened every day (if my thread gets inactive for just a few hours, it gets sunk veeeerry low), and I personally think the forums lets you communicate better. :slight_smile: (Also maybe edit your original post to make sure everyone who reads makes sure you’re talking about Instagram?)


First thing I didn’t say it has to be free art! And second when I say more resources I don’t just mean free I mean commissions too. But it’s also hard to find accounts that can do realstic art… non Epy style for commissions ya know? That’s the hard part! At least for Instagram


If you’re happy to pay, I can think of a couple accounts with commissions open :slight_smile:


Oooh who’s


By memory (all on IG): nopaks_artist (I just commissioned her and I’m very very happy with my new cover!), ronggowisnu,, crymsy


Awesome thank you so much I will check them out!!!


My bad then, misreading on my part. If it helps, Mette Peleikis (The Teacher, The Enchantress) found her artist that works for her on There’s a huge variety there you can sort through. It’s not Instagram, but you can have your own art done and it looks user-friendly. :slight_smile:


Interesting thank you so much!!!