Art scenes needed and backgrounds

I am wondering if any talented artist out there can help me …
I need some background made for my story
One would be like a open field colourful fairy land purple and pink lacing the sky
The other with a crystal castle I’m the backdrop on a mountain ranch.
I would also like an art scene
The final piece will be a cover for my new story

Ink or LL

LL please if you can
It’s for my new story and Faeries and mythological beings

I can try I’m not really good with LL but if you really need it then I’ll help you

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Thank you so much anything you can do will look a hundred times better then my stickman art lol.
I can only draw Disney characters and copy rights won’t allow to use them lol.
I can not do a thing computer graphics or design.

Lmao I’m sure your not too bad at it I’ll pm you in a minute :joy::heart: