Art scenes needed ASAP!


I’m writing a few stories and I need art scenes to go with them. I need somebody who is willing to help me throughout the journey and continue to help as I write more stories.

My stories at the moment are -

This is me
Mafia Star
The Jenkins

I’m currently trying to write Mafia star and I need an art scene for chapters 1, 2 and 4. Chapter 1-3 are already out but I’d really like to add an art scene to it.

If anybody can help please contact me via this or my email address

Thank you x

I could help you with one art scene.

Could you?

What can you help me with?

The art scenes, I could do one.

That’s great

I need one for my main story Mafia Star, a picture that includes a man lying down and another man kneeling over him as if he were telling him something.

The blonde man is lying on the ground and the man with the black hair is kneeling over him.

If you can help, please let me know x

could you just send me a screenshot of them in there position please as that would be much easier (also without the white door icon at the top and the … icon at the bottom)
thanks xx

This is the background and actions, the only difference is the guy lying down needs to be kinda sitting against the train and the other guy talking to him if you know what I mean

I cant do customised art scenes this is what I can do:



What exactly does this mean?