Art scenes needed for upcoming story- Limelight Only

Hi guys,

I’m looking for someone to create two Limelight art scenes for my upcoming story “Out Of Your League”. I don’t mind waiting, I also don’t mind paying you for your time! Please could you either attach any previous art scenes you have done to this topic, or email me? You can also send them to me on instagram keeko.episode. I have quite a set idea on how i want it to look, kind of in the style of “The Teacher” art scenes? Thank you in advance, i really really appreciate it.

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You may want to try commissioning someone to do it… You said you don’t mind paying, but you may have to do the searching… People with styles like that usually don’t go searching for people who need commissions, you would need to go to them, as in you should search for an artist with a style that you’re looking for with their commissions open. I hope that makes sense? Just letting you know so you don’t have a huge let down when no one has a style that you’re looking for.

Btw your cover is really cute :wink:

Thank you so mucj for your reply, it’s hard to find people when you don’t know anyone :joy: I’m still fairly new to this, i also hate bugging people! Thank you so much! :see_no_evil:

Here’s this one amazing digital artist that has her commissions open!


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Thank you so much, i think I’m following you ln instagram x

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