Art scenes needed [LL, Drawn]

Hey so I need another few art scene. It’s doesn’t need to be done for a month or so.

For art scene 1:

Hospital Hall Interior


Art scene context if needed

For this art scene my MC(female) gets shot in the eye and the stomach by a man. She blacks out, while she is blacked out her family found her and rushed her to the nearest hospital, my MC(female) wakes up in the hospital and freaks out because, 1) she isin the hospital and 2) she has an eye patch on because of eye surgery she just had to get. Then Andrea(Female) jumped out of the bed and ripped off the eyepatch and started to run away but because of her impared vision she falls. And the male character(Lucas) picks her up.

Art scene 2:
Pose: IMG_0012

Same male character & male character outfit as art scene 1

Female(same character just different clothes.)

Scene context if needed

Some sceen context is that they are hugging like that because they both just found out she is pregnant.


You tagged me here do you want me to do it :yum::sweat_smile:

Sure. Just if you’re not already flooded with other requests!

I can manage and also the deadline is for a month :joy:

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Yeah. :blush: Thanks!

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It’s done have a look

You mentioned the hospital background before if you want me to add that background in this send me sccreen shot that

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Looks good! Background:

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Ok I’ll add this background

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It’s done :wink:

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Thank you so much you amazing person!

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Thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and No problem really :wink:

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