Art scenes, splashes, profile picture, and cover requests closed! Will be open soon


You might want to mention that when requesting, a lot of effort goes into creating a good piece of art for someone, for you to request it multiple times over and say you want to switch them after a month or two I think is pretty disrespectful. Whatever one you ultimately choose the other artists have then wasted their time on making you a cover that will be discarded after a matter of a few weeks.
I think you should mention that point so that then people can choose whether they want to put their effort into something like that.
I have a problem with people being disrespectful to other people by wasting their time and effort for pointless reasons. On almost every thread there is a rule Not to request the same piece elsewhere what you’re doing breaks that rule. The least you should do is address that when posting your request.
I have let you know my problem that’s why I tagged you in it too. Not like I went behind your back. But they deserve to know what you intend to do with their work before creating it.
If you have a problem with me for telling them. I really don’t care, if there’s any further comments you want to throw my way, that’s for pm, because it’s not fair to ruin this thread for @RosenSun


Hey, I was wondering if I could get a splash request? Thx so much !


Hello, I am requesting a splash.
3 characters in total!
So for sound, only the female character will be in on it!
And for mature themes, the 2 males will be in it.
Backround can be the EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT
Female (Her pose will be the one listening to headphones)


Male #1 (his animation will be angry arms crossed. )

SKIN: Peach
BROW: Sharp
HAIR: Short Cropped Hair (black)
EYES: Deepest Piercing (blue)
FACE: Defined triangle
NOSE: Button
LIPS: Uneven (toffee)

Male #2 (his animation will be the angry arms crossed)

BROW: Medium Sharp
HAIR: Pompadour (chestnut)
EYES: Deepest Piercing (green)
FACE: Defined triangle
NOSE: Button
Lips: uneven (Taupe)


And these are the clothes!!



@Rawan.episodesend me the details hun and fill the form! :kissing_smiling_eyes:



I want a splash which says : For updates, sneak peaks and more follow me @epi.rawan

Type : Splash Request

Pose : Idle_wink_forward

Outfit : Anything sexy would do good

of Characters : 1

My details :
Skin : Light
Face : Oval
Lips : Classic (Rose)
Eyes : Round Classic (Taupe)
Eyebrows : Defined Natural
Nose : Soft Natural
Hair : High Ponytail (Black)

Thanks so much!



Thank you so much!


Hey can i please put in a request for a couple of covers

  • Is it a Story cover, art scene, profile picture, or splash? : Story cover

  • How Many Characters On The Edit: 4

  • Information For Characters (ie. Skin Tone, Hair, Face Shape, etc. If there is more then one character put their details on two different lines ie. Female 1: Male 2: etc):

Female 1 (Hanna)-
Skin- olive
Brow-seductive arch
Hair- beachwave black
Eyes-upturned bold blue
Face-soft heart
Nose- soft natural
Lips- classic scarlet

Female 2 (Meeks)-
Brow- defined natural
Hair-straight Auburn
Eyes-upturned bold Green
Nose-soft natural
Lips-classic ruby red

Male 1 (Danny) -
Brow-medium sharp
Hair-spiked black
Eyes-classic round blue
Face-defined triangle
Lips-uneven taupe

Male 2 (Jnr) -
Brow- thick arch
Hair-boy bun auburn
Eyes-classic round blue
Face- square jaw
Lips-classic taupe

  • Any Props:
    I would like female 1 and male 1 to hold guns

  • Background (Please Send A Picture Of The Background You Want If You Have A Specific Background In Mind):

  • Episode Name If You Want It On Your Edit: N/A

  • Genre: action

  • Story Name: O’ FLOINN

  • Small Or Large: large and small

  • Screenshot Of Clothing or Names Of The Clothing:

Female 1 (Hanna)-
-gold pendant necklace
-dressy crop top (cabernet)
-black ridged moto jacket
-black leather leggings
-black country chic boots

Female 2 (Meeks)
-black boho bracelet
-calf boots black
-white metallic strip bracelet
-ivory belted sweater dress

Male 1 (Danny)
-black tight pants
-stitch boots (black)
-lady rose tattoo
-black plain suit shirt and tie

Male 2 (Jnr)-
-basic jeans (black)
-basic sneakers (black)
-tank top (cream)
-weathered leather jacket
-lady rose tattoo

  • Additional Notes:
  • Can i please just get female 1 and male 1 on the small cover
  • Then female 1, female 2, male 1 and male 2 on the large cover
  • Female 1 and male 1 on the center
  • Female 2 next to female 1 and then male 2 next to male 1
  • Pose/Animation:

Female 1 (Hanna) - holding gun
Female 2 (Meeks) - arms_crossed_angry
Male 1 (Danny) - holding gun
Male 2 - arms_crossed_angry

  • When you need it for (exact date):
    I dont have an exact date but maybe sometime in the next if i can please

  • Inspiration photo (if you have one, if you can get one please do!):

If i can have the gun poses something like these please


-Story cover
-2 characters
-Male: Skin tone ~Taupe
Hair ~Cropped black
Faces shape~Chiseled Square
Lips~small round taupe

-Female:Skin tone~Caremel
Hair~straight charcoal
Faces shape~Soft heart
Button~soft natural
Lips~classic plum

-Can you maybe let guns show at them if not that is also fine and if you can, can you please put a lion tattoo on the male charater chest with these words under it Non avere paura if you if you can’t it is fine
-I don’t have a spesific background in mind you can just give a background that will fit in
-My saviour
-Male:Ripped punk pants, Cool leather jacket, Lady rose tattoo, Black hipster high top sneakers
-Female:Scrubs pants white, bandaged torso

-She is hugging him and he stands there arms cross angry
-7 or 8 December

-(Sorry for my spelling mistakes English is not my first languege )


Hey, I would like to request an art scene please!
I need 2 characters on it.
skin: light
hair: Diva Curls Black
eyes: upturned bold Blue
nose: soft natural
mouth: full round Scarlet
eyebrows: smooth arch
Face: soft heart
skin: peach
hair: modern pompadour Black
eyes: deepset piercing
nose: button
mouth: uneven Blush
eyebrows: thick bold
face: stubble
No props…
could I have a background similar to this:

Genre: Romance
Inspiration photo: could the pose be like this one?

additional notes: Just for your information, i thought you should know that this is a scene in my story when she is about to trip on something and he catches her from falling. Could you please make him muscular around the arms, chest and legs? and could you please make him a bit taller than her?
Date needed: I don;t know how long you will need so maybe on 9th or 10th of November…? if that’s too short then I can wait a few extra days.
Thanks! Let me know if you can do it…


Sorry I have to decline because my shop is closed! <33


Oh im sorry… i didnt see. No problem… :wink:


@Sydney_H please could you close this thread? :))



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: