Art Share: The Greys

I haven’t been on recently so I decided to share some concept art and story beats I’ve created for my story (The Wolves Among Us).

The Family
The main figure standing in the back of the painting is Grayson Grey, most signified by his family crest and trademark silver hair, an unusual distinctive genetic trait that most members of his family bare. To his left stands his son and heir to his company. Not much is known about his son other than his odd skin discoloration and slough of health issues. For this reason he barely leaves the estate unaccompanied. To his right his wife, and their newborn daughter Ivy, a healthy baby girl of only two months. After Grayson’s sudden death the estate was inherited by his son which was then passed over to his widow. Of which she still remains matriarch of to this day. Not much is known about what happened to the Grey family after Grayson’s death, only that the company continues to thrive.

Story Beats

GCorp. or Grey Industries as it’s been formally known is an ever shifting cosmetics company run and branded by the industrialist Grey family. More specifically the patriarch of the Grey family, Grayson Grey. Despite it’s deceptively capitalists outward appearance GCorp. is not a company focused souly on the production and distribution of product. Instead it’s main export seems to continue to be a mysterious substance known as “2315 -L6.” which first surfaced in small contained doses in 1933 from a plant known as Wolf’s Bane. Since then the substance has been horded and contained by the Grey family, being used surreptitiously in their production. The substance comes in a variety of colors but it’s most commonly found in a shade of purple similar to the plant it originates from.

No one knows how it happened, but traces of the same substance can often be found in the drug known as “Night Claw”. It is a potent mixture that when inhaled or injected directly in the blood stream can cause, extreme shows of strength, aggression, lust, violent tendencies, and can cause death if too much is consumed. It is a highly addictive drug most often used as a stimulant prompting a spike in gang violence. The drug receives it’s name from the overwhelming desire to scratch and bite those around you as described by frequent users. Again, while there is no information on how the drug entered the general public for consumption it is strongly concluded that GCorp. was involved in it’s making and distributing. The numbers of disappearances and deaths surrounding the drug continues to grow.