Art Shop 101 Request thread

Hi guys! This is the request thread for covers, splashes, and art scenes.
Link to request form:
Our team:


@TyLo I can do covers and art scenes for INK, I take around 1-3 days, and I can do 2 at a time.


@Amiraa I can do splashes, covers, pfp, drawn art, detail banners, and banners. Takes up to like 1-3 days depends on what it is.


Property of Nae

@PropertyofNae I can do covers, pfps, edits, splashes, banners/character detail banners, watermarks, and outlines. It takes me about 2-4 days depending on what type of art. Watermarks and banners take about 10-15 minutes and splashes can take up to an hour depending on things.
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@EpisodeGamer1 I can do INK splashes, character banners, and profile pictures and it would usually take up to three days.


@Silver_Shadow I do pfp, banners, edits, outlines and splashes. Each piece takes about 3 days~ a week. I do both ink and ll.


@superwriter7 I do covers and splashes. Most can be done in 15-30 minutes. I don’t do drawn stuff.

All slots are currently open. We will add you to the waiting list once you request.


Splash Request

Any artist can do it, if they are avaliable. :wink: No rush.

Character Details

HAIRSTYLE: Pony Tail Blunt Bangs


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I requested!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Absolutely love all your art.:heart_eyes:

Here is a reference pose for the art scene

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Hey, i would like to request a char dets banner for both Ll and ink both banners will be separated :slightly_smiling_face:


Character details

Name: Denize
BODY Olive
BROW Mature Round
HAIR Classic Bob (Charcoal)
EYES Upturned Feline (Pine)
FACE Round
NOSE Upturned
:lips: LIPS Blossom Lips (Orange Crush)
Clothes Anything but not too revealing or slutty.


My character will be facing right and will be standing left and she will be doing the pose idle_arms_crossed, you will be showing the body from head to waist or hips.


The font should be white and cursive but readable


Character details

Name: Denize
BODY Gold 03
BROW Arched Natural (Black dark)
HAIR Wavy side curls (Cool gray)
EYES Female Generic (Brown black)
FACE Round Soft
NOSE Grecian Soft
:lips: LIPS Full Heart Pouty (Rose Matte)
Clothes Anything that’s not too revealing or slutty.

(this is just a place holder of Irish, she kinda looks like Irish so I picked her as a place holder. But this is what I want Irish to wear in the char dets banner)


this will be the background of the LL and her pose will be idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop and she stands stands screen left and faces right


The font should be black and cursive but readable
You will be showing her body from head to hips or waist

And the maker will be @PropertyofNae :upside_down_face:

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Question. Since I’m not sure of how to take better quality screenshots of the characters when I try to make them hips or waist up they begin to look pixelated so would it be fine if they weren’t hips or waist up?

It’s fine :slight_smile:

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Alright and would you like me to list the outfit on the ink banner?

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This one?

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Yeah. I already made the outfit.

Oh yeah I forgot to put the clothes…
Would it be okay if you change her clothes into this?


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Awesome, thanks!

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How’s this?

Okay, so the request form was a little confusing.

The specific clothes aren’t really mentioned, but the clothes I sent to you is what my Ink char would be wearing in the char detail banner but the clothes will be specified as: Not too revealing or slutty. so it is a whole sentence not the image of the clothing :sweat_smile:

Yes, the same with LL :slightly_smiling_face:

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@PropertyofNae hey, it’s pretty much late here,. I might go to sleep and will try to check my notif later tomorrow. Night :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh sorry. I forgot to send this to you :sweat_smile:

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Nice, Thanks! :upside_down_face:

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Hey! Am I on the waiting list?

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