Art shop. both edited and drawn

Welcome to my art shop. examples are at the bottom

I need to know this to make the art if you can not give me these details I can not make whatever it is you request. and also please follow the rules

Credit me, just my profile name thanks,
Do not remove my watermark
no stealing or claiming it as your own and no tracing
No thread hopping.
Publish stories are preferred with anything drawn because I dont wanna spend hours on an art piece and you not publish the story if you are close to publishing like just need the cover/art scene, or need to fix up a few mistakes but are ready then it’s fine but els please return when you have at least chapter 1 and 2 finish
if anything is drawn you shall use it even if you dont like it. if its the cover I dont mind if you change it later but at least use it for your published story in some time,

I usally send a sketch of the picture before I draw it in colour to be sure its what you want so please be online in for at least a couple of days after requesting. if you are not responsive I cant make the artwork

evrything has to be answaerd
Font(not needed) and colour:
what kind of background:
Link to your story(not needed if its an edit you want)
art style(anime realistic or edited):
is it publish:
do you want it as an outline :
Picture of characters, in the clothes you want them to wear(if edited in that pose you want) :
a description of what you want the cover to look like(more details the better):

art scene evrything has to be answered
also please before you request an art scene be sure it is a thing you actually need it for that scene, art scenes are for intense and important moments that you cant already do without the art. I might question you of its importance for the story. if they just are for a lot of narration that is not really a good reason to have an art scene in my opinion

picture of characters:
Link to story:
art style(anime realistic or edited):
is it publish:
if no how long are you:
Picture of characters, in the clothes you want them to wear(if edited in that pose you want) :
a description of what you want the cover to look like(more details the better):
why do you need the art scene? why is it so important that it needs to be drawn?





for a note this are good covers to start out with especially if it is a new story. you can always upgrade to a better after you have published

anime example

realistic example

I know they arent that realistic

also, if got time read my story


Can you please make me a splash?


Can you do a mature language and themes for me with this character

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yes. do you have any idea for background. and text color and font

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It can be whatever you want. It’s a mystery story

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are those the exact words you want

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what do you think of this one



Cover Request

It doesn’t have to be full body, u can stop to the waist.

Title: My First Love 2
By: lanafrazer.episode



Full body is easy. if its the dress you are worried about I can edit it her legs is coverd if you want

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They are already cut out . wow that is basicly all the work . and big gold star to your for actually sending me the characters. usally i have to do a discuasion about why I need them



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what do you think?

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Its good! Send me another one without the text :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Ty :blush:

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I was wondering is there any way you can do me a splash or something that can fit like five characters on it maybe

The story title is why me
And the author is Valerie
The description of the splash is like a scary themed where their reacting toward something coming at them