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Hi can you make me a limelight cover for my story.

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Sure, please email or DM me the details for it. (tell me like the pose, if you want text, how you want him/her to look) All of that!

Drawn splash:
Character details:

Outfit: something red that is red (up to you!)

Pose: same as

Can it be a overlay if possible?

On the splash I just want the character drawn the same as the one you made plz. Don’ anything else. i will customize it. I just love your art!

@athena.marie lmk if I got accepted :revolving_hearts:

Hi Hun! Course, this may take a few days, but can definately do it! Do you want color?

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Yes please :blob_hearts:

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi there :bangbang:
I’m kinda new here and I currently write my first story.

Here are my MC.
I would like to have them in a office background at night

Girl.: Full lips/ brown lipstick/ hazel eyes/ Platinum blonde hair/ defined nose beauty mark on her lip. Her clothes black skirt, black heels and sexy white office shirt
Boy.: Medium lips/ hazel eyes/ black hair/ scar on his eye. His clothes black Office pants/ black office shirt/ grey jacket
Let your imagination work

I would like to have a intense scene with eye contact
Name of story
“Mediterranean Temptation “
By hope_stories

I’m new so type me whatever you need so I can promote you in my stories :wink:

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Hi hun, course i can do it, got a few requests at the moment but should be able to do it. Do you want anything on it such as your name, the title? And any background actors? Also just tag me @Eslie on episode. would you like them in that pose having a stare off? or her looking cocky? or him doing a cocky look? whatever you need, just let me know!
Would love to hear back from you, bye!

Thanks for your response.
Take your time. I’m not hurry. Can understand how much work you have.And you have also a life.
It would be nice if I can use your work as a Small cover.
About your questions
If you can add by Hope_stories would be nice also the title of my story will be
“Mediterranean Temptation”
Backround actors not.
I would like to have them in a intense pose I leave it to your imagination but I’ll be happy if we can see their faces and her looking a little bit cocky.
Where would you like to tag you? I will give 100% Credits for your work of course.
Sorry Im new and I try to figure out how this forum work.

Take care
Hope <3

Thanks for the reply hun, course i can do this… i’ll get your cover as quick as possible, and get it back to you,i hope you know i’m not a professional but i do draw these and i use various apps to do so but my previous clients were quite happy with what i designed. This can be done and it can be done easily but i just wanted to let you know i’m not a pro i do use outlines sometimes (this does not apply here) and i hope you like what i will put together.
With love and positivity, hope and joy,
Yours sincerely,

Athena Marie!

Thank you, and with my forgetful mind , could you remind me what a splash is please? i’m so sorry, i probably could if i knew what they were

It’s like those pictures that say “Warning this story contains mature themes” And so on

Hey I need a splash cover
Just like the one in example

Character deets :

Text : Thankyou For Reading
Background: Can you judge that :sweat_smile:. I’m not good at selecting backgrounds
Pose : Wink
Style : Ink
Thnx x

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