Art Shop (closed)

Okay. Drawn or edited? What poses would you like? Lastly, is there a specific type of theme?

Edited/ Regular… No there is no specific style / just try to make it look romantic and also could you have him holding her, with his hand around her

Okay, thanks. I’ll try to have it done soon.

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Thankyou… It’s amazing, I love it soooooo much

No problem!

Sure! Drawn or edited?

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Never mind. Sorry.

Are u still open? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Yes :grin:

Ooo my bad for responding late :sweat_smile:
ANYWAY I I’ll give u the details in a minute
(sorry I’m slow)

It’s alright :joy:


Do you still take requests?

I do, but only in Ink and generally on: Hailey's Art Shop (INK)

I dont need any art or edits yet heh :smirk: But I just wanted to say I rly like your art and think your extremely talented. I’d loose my wits way too fast to do some like this.

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Aww, ty! :sob:
Actually, this is kind of old. My new shop is here. Currently closed, but feel free to request once it’s open if you ever need anything! :wink:

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ok can i still request on your new shop?

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It’s closed for now, but as soon as I finish my current requests, sure!

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