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I probably sound like an idiot, but what’s an everyday outfit?

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an outfit you would wear everyday nothing formal just simple

Oh, I thought you meant you wanted the art scene to be an everyday outfit lol. Okay, I’ll get started.

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just an outfit lol thank you!

Um yeah for the tittle just saying Hiding My Inside, doesn’t matter what font, and just an edit please and thank you

There you go! :wink:
If you have anything you want me to add, feel free to ask.


thank u soo much

There you go :grin:

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Thank you

Hi! I was wondering if you could make me a cover?

Sure! Send me the details! :smile:

I want the title to say Secretly in Love
Can you put these characters on their:

You can choose the background and also can you put by AnnaWrites

thx so much, in advance

Okay. Drawn or edited? What poses would you like? Lastly, is there a specific type of theme?

Edited/ Regular… No there is no specific style / just try to make it look romantic and also could you have him holding her, with his hand around her

Okay, thanks. I’ll try to have it done soon.

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Thankyou… It’s amazing, I love it soooooo much

No problem!

Sure! Drawn or edited?

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Never mind. Sorry.