Art shop [CLOSED]

Hey people!
I want to open an art shop called Honeybees’ art shop and I was wondering if there are any editors/artists who would like to join.There are 6 free places.

If you would like to join I‘ll need ur ink deets so I can add them to the banner.Hope you‘ll like to join❤️!


I’d like to join!
I can do edited covers, splashes, custom poses, character sheets, backgrounds and pfps, all in Ink & Limelight! (But I’m already working in some other Art Shops, so I’d prefer to do covers, splashes, custom poses, and pfps only, if that’s okay)

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Can u send examples and ur ink deets:)

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Is it okay, if I sent you them as a PM?

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Hey i wanna join!

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Here’s some of my work


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Your public profile is hidden, I can’t PM you :sweat_smile:

Whatever, here are some examples:



Custom Poses


My Character Details

Body: Light

Brow: Seductive Arch

Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Black)

Eyes: Upturned Bold (Black)

Face: Soft Heart

Nose: Aquiline

Lips: Blossom Lips (Terracotta)


Blue Plaid Hipster Shirt
BW Sandals
Leather Leggings (Black)
Rose-Tinted Glasses


I would like to join but I am new to editing if thats fine. I can do character cards of any type and simple covers only with 2 characters max also very simple Backgrounds.

I lost my cover but I am making one for my new story


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Hi I would love to join
Let me know if there are free places so I can send you my examples

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Hey there r some free places free:)

I can make covers, splashes, pfps, character detail cards, overlays, outfits, characters
Here are my examples




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can I get ur ink deets?

Actually no one has asked for a character detail card from me…
But I can make for one of my characters if it’s a problem
( I am going to have it ready today or tomorrow)

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You don’t need a character card you just can write what the deets of ur char r

Oh that’s what you mean…
I actually have a detail card :joy:

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Are there any still any open spots?

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