Art shop -- free!

I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to do custom artwork for you!
Sorry for talking like I’m an overexcited child, I just am.


Hi again! The art service I’m providing is quick, easy to maneuver and communicative, as I appreciate it can be stressful to wait for a long time for art!!
Enclosed below is everything you need to know!


(Covers/Splashes from my new story)

Comment any constructive criticism/opinions below!


First up, please enclose any character/background/outfit deets and the size below.
I can create custom poses and custom length hair, however (custom) outfits are a no.
If you just want whatever, that’s fine too!

I don’t want anything in return, however I WILL jump you to the front of the que (PREMIUM) if you read even 1 episode of my story Nevermind and leave proof or some sort of opinion!

If not though, I understand, as it may not be your cup of tea or just plain tedious, so it’s not a necessity!




Thank you so much! It REALLY, REALLY means a LOT.

Xox Thanks


Moved to Art Resources since this is an art shop. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:


Can you make me a splash with the words kind of on the right side, any library background, and the words saying, “Thanks for reading!”

That would be great! Any characters or just that?

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No characters

Hiiiii. Could you make me a splash that says This story contains Mature Themes and Strong Language. And could you make the girl I’m ab to attach more… angel like.

And her pose be like;


with a background like;

Okay, sorry this is a lot. :))

Could you maybe make me a background of a car interior. Like the drivers and passengers seat.

OK sure!

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Wassup? I’m up for constructive criticism!

Which impacts this how?

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like. it’s so crowded. and like lowkey the highlight looks off. you needa blend it anmd shisewnordfkgcf

And you couldn’t have said that in a more polite way? Also there’s like a 0.00000001% chance the rock is your dad. I’m actually proud of what I did, no need to tear me/other people down.


Like, was what you said a dare or something? Because I, at least, would never treat anyone how you did. If so, that’s fine, but please don’t pull me into your games.

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You need to ignore that person, he/she is a troll going around on peoples post doing this to them.


Can I request one


Can u have Rowan on Aiden’s back and both of them laughing so a custom pose
And Rowan has freckles and an eyebrow piercing and Aiden has glasses
And the background is

And then can I have that in the phone overlay. This

Thank you soooo much :heart::heart:

Thanks! I really don’t mind, they’re just building up bad karma for themself. The best I can do is humor them until they realise they’re in the wrong.


Sure! I have a couple to do but will be ready by around 6:30 at the very, very, very latest!

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Here’s the finished piece! Hope you like! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Thank you!