Art shop of the Serene Souls 🖤🤍

Hey there :wave:
So me (Olivia) and my boyfriend @O_Nick are starting an art shop! :black_heart::white_heart:
Hope y’all love it and support us by requesting as much as possible!
We’re the artists here.
You all probably know the rules since there are a lots of other great art shops here so im just gonna save time by not repeating them :sweat_smile:
We offer semi-realistic art scenes, covers, profile pictures, character cards and much more, both edited and drawn!

Our examples:

Art scenes



And much more coming soon!

Right now this shop is free but COMMISSIONS OPEN SOON!

Have fun requesting! :smiling_face:

Also, you can DM me on instagram!


Such amazing examples!! :hugs::two_hearts: Good luck with your art shop, & mostly, have fun!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Thank you :black_heart::people_hugging:

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The examples are great and beautiful :heart_eyes:, good luck with your work! Can I request a cover design for my story?

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Thank you and Yess suree go ahead🖤

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Heya Lovely! Your art is beautiful! :cat_typing: :blob_hearts:

If your available to do so, I have a request! :DD

Character Details


Pose Reference & background

(Edit made by me<33)

Let me know if this is too difficult, thank you for your time!! :blob_sun:

~ Cherry :cherries:

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Thank you so much for your request! We’ll get on it soon and will be completed as soon as possible! :white_heart:
Do you happen to have a deadline?
And also this is an art scene i assume?


I don’t really have a deadline! I mean in the next two weeks would be nice. But take your time lovely!

And it’s going to be a cover ^-^

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Alright! So if its a cover, do you need a title?

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No! It’s okay lovely. I have the title, which I’m gonna do the transition thing to fade in. <3

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Alright no worries :blush::white_heart:

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I dm you on ig @N_Olivia

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Okayy ill look thank you :heart:

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If you have the time, i’d like to request a cover

Character details

Body: Female Generic Body, Rose 04
Brow: Straight Thin, Light Brown
Hair: Long Thick Curls, Platinum White
Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide, Hazel Dark
Face: Diamond
Nose: Pointed Downturned
Lips: Full Wide, Pink Peach Medium Matte


V Neck Tank Cotton Marigold Yellow
Sneakers Chunky Rubber Rainbow
High Rise Button Shorts Denim White

Pose reference and background

I want her to be holding an opened book in one hand and a phone in the other kind of like in the first photo, but i want her facial expression to be like the second photo. I would also like it to be full body instead of half if possible.

I would like zone zone 2 or 3 to be used in the background.

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Hey thanks for the request! We’ll grt on it asap. I actually gave 3 requests do this may take a bit more time so i just wanna know if theres a deadline.
Also if its a cover does it have a title?
Thank you :heart:

I have a title for it but it will be used as an overlay so it does not need to be on the cover. I also do not have a deadline for so take all the time you need.

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Okay great! Thank you

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You’ve requested this at too different shops. I believe this goes against most shops/art threads rules :blob_sun:

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If as per @G.Stories (thanks to you btw :sob::black_heart:) youve requested it at two different shops then yes its against the rules.
Id be glad to make you the art scene but I’ll be grateful if you follow the rules hon! No worries, no need to br sorry or anything either just cancel here or yhere and choose one im sure theyre great too! No hate :black_heart:
Let me know hon!

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