Art shop (open&free)

Hey! Im making covers, intros and things such as “warning this story contains mature themes” or “chapter one - the introduction) or even (this story contains sound, use volume for a better experience.”. They are free since im not the best at them but i will try. If you do not like what i make, you do not have to use it. But if you do use something i make, please give full credit when you post it on social media and make sure that when you use it in your story you give me credit then. If you want something, reply with what you want, the character details and details of it all! :heartbeat: Thanks x

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Hey there!
Do you have examples of your artwork?

I have new laptop and the only edit i managed to save was one of my very old ones…x

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@JuliaWritess hi, ur examples looks really neat & nice!
i would like to request a large cover for my story “ soccer moms:blast to the future ”. i’d like the large cover to have all four characters please.

soccer moms: blast to the future

background: anything that’s a grass/soccer field pls, maybe something like this:

characters & outfits: Alyson is the MC, Grayson is her husband, Aria and Calvin are their children.

poses & positions:
Alyson: talk_primp
Grayson: blush
Aria: dance_jazzhands
Calvin: idle_happy

I’d like Aria and Calvin standing in front of Alyson and Grayson please. This is Aria and Calvin’s height in comparison to each other.

any writing?:
Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future
a story by Winter05 and Episode Royalty

font style and colour: font style—bold and thin maybe, colour—white/green

i hope u accept my request!! there’s no rush btw! :two_hearts:
—winter xx

Hello, can you make me art scene? :blush:

I dont do drawings but i can try and change the way they are standing? It would be my first time trying though sorry :slight_smile: